The Ultimate Guide To The Best Lightweight Strollers

When you’re looking for a stroller that’s ideal for your toddler, you’re likely to find many options to choose from. A lightweight stroller is easier to carry especially when travelling around and it can be folded easily to save on space. Finding the best baby stroller travel system is as simple as looking at a few key characteristics: size, affordability, frame, weight, shock absorption, packaging, and age development.

In addition to looking at these characteristics, we’ll also take a closely comparison of the best lightweight strollers for infants and toddlers that are currently available on the market.

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Why You Need A Lightweight Stroller For Travel?

One of the things that make a best baby stroller travel system is safety for the baby especially when travelling, we must choose a stroller that is safe enough when we travel with a baby, when we move the stroller, when we pick the baby out from it and also into the stroller. Also, when we are feeding the baby, and when he tack a nap of it so far.

A good stroller that you can use for travel is the stroller that has a small size and light weight (about 10 pounds), and as the weight will be decreased it will be better. Also, you should select one that has an umbrella furthermore you have to choose the best lightweight strollers for infant and toddler to make it easy to feed the baby in anywhere and in anytime.

If you have a car, you might have look for the best baby travel system that can hold your baby’s car seat to make it easy to move it into or out from the car (or in the plane), also let him take a nap in the car .

Things You Need to Consider When Buying Best Lightweight Strollers

In order for you to be able to decide on the best lightweight baby stroller, here are some of the things you need to consider when buying.

  • Safety:                                                                                                                                                                     
  • The Key factor to consider for a stroller is the safety it provides. The product should be in agreement with the laid down rules, and you should know of their existence. All best lightweight strollers should have a suitable constrain that will provide the right protection for your child, against falling off. This should have up to five point constrains that comes with complete straps (for waist, crotch, and shoulder) for security.
  • To protect the stroller from getting away from you, you should ensure that it has a wrist-strap. Lastly all the best lightweight strollers should come with some stopper while being parked. This should be beyond the child reach to prevent them from tampering with them.
  • Travel System
  • If you want an all-in-one system that lets you transfer your baby directly from your vehicle straight to his or her stroller then one option that you should consider is a travel system. These products are basically special best lightweight strollers that feature compatible infant car seats that can be clipped onto compatible strollers.
  • You will also enjoy the universal stroller frame. These special frames can be attached onto car seats, and are so comfortable that they often won’t even disturb your baby while he or she is being moved. You won’t even have to worry about deciding on a stroller later on, since they are compatible with a lot of seating devices.
  • Ability To Add More Seats:
  •    The option to add more seats is also worth mentioning. If this is your first stroller, and you have plans to have more children in the future, then you should choose the best lightweight strollers model that allows you to install more seats later on.
  • The good news is that there are plenty of these products on the market and investing in one now will let you save a lot of money in the future.
  • Budget:
  • How much money are you ready to spend? A certain amount of money should first be determined before selecting the best baby travel system. Without a fixed budget, you may easily be swayed by your emotions - making you choose whatever you want regardless of the price. As much as possible, the budget should be strictly followed.
  • Purpose:
  • What will you use the stroller for? If you’re a parent who loves to go outside and have a walk or run with your baby, it is better to choose a stroller that is more stable and easy to handle. There are also best lightweight strollers that have several features such as adjusting and locking wheels. These models tend to be more expensive. Thus, if you don’t have any plans on running around town, choose a stroller that is just fine and suitable for your activities.
  • Space:
  • When going out of the house with a kid behind you, it would primarily mean that you have to take the necessary package with you. This could mean taking a big bag with you, plus a number of shopping packages and some collection from the coffee shop; this would make you overwhelmed very fast.
  • Such a thing should not happen to you, if you get the best lightweight strollers that comes with some space for storing your shopping, whichever item you may have be it baskets used for shopping or any, it’s good to consider strollers that have some sort of storage space, whether it’s a shopping basket or any pocket it’s an additional advantage.
  • Weight:
  • Different strollers are meant to accommodate different needs, and as such hugely vary in size and weight. Umbrella strollers are usually easily manoeuvrable and feature the ability to fold up into a lightweight, easy-to-carry stick.
  • Before deciding on the best lightweight strollers for infant and toddler, check its size and weight. You don’t want to struggle when pushing it. Both parents should be able to easily carry it around Remember to include the weight of your baby in the calculation. Even if you already own a bigger, full-size stroller you probably want to invest in an umbrella stroller. With its light weight, flexibility and general manoeuvrability you will have a perfect foldable companion for your daily shopping and even longer travels.
  • Steering:
  • Before you decide on a particular stroller, make sure you are confident and comfortable in steering and manoeuvring it. Check the height of the steering handles. Make sure you can easily reach them and you don’t end up ruining your back. See whether you can normally walk with them, without hitting your shins.

How To Pick The Best Lightweight Strollers For Travel

It’s undoubtedly that the big and bulky strollers often create difficulty on the way. So, the lightweight and portable stroller for travel is the need of the hour. They are very helpful for transportation. But, the question is how to pick the best lightweight strollers for travel.

Here are some important points to be considered.

Wheel Size

This is the basic key element to be considered for picking the best lightweight strollers. It has a huge impact on the performance. The type and the size of both the front and rear wheels of the best lightweight strollers affect the manoeuvrability. Bigger wheels are easier to be rolled and pushed on the unpaved surfaces and bumps. These require less effort. Tyre filled with foam is also a good option. They absorb the bumps and perform well. Also, the foam filled wheels are neither so big that they don’t create hindrances and are effective as well.

Folding Mechanism

The folding mechanism of the best lightweight strollers must be simple, convenient and easy. Also, it needs to be lifted easily.


The seats must be padded and covered with a material, which is durable and can be easily cleaned. Also, they must be made up of eco-friendly material. Also, check that the seat covers are removed easily for cleaning purpose.


A storage basket is essential to make the movement convenient. The size, accessibility and additional storage of the basket need to be considered while selecting best lightweight strollers.

Beside these features, customers also look for a parent tray, a child tray and adjustable hand bars. All these elements make the movement of the best lightweight baby stroller easy and convenient as well. Also, check the manuals for detailed specifications and look for the JPMA seal to ensure that the product is safe and standard.

Considering the above points, you can definitely select the best product of your choice. And, be rest assured that the product will meet all your requirements. Your child will move safely and comfortably.

Where To Buy Strollers

You can buy the best lightweight strollers online from stores such as This is because there are a wide variety of brands to choose from and it gives you an opportunity to compare them so as to get the best value for your money. If you are clueless on what to get, checking reviews from other customers is a good way to start.

Online shopping will also give you an opportunity to analyze the kind of materials used in making the stroller and you can also determine if it is easy to use as well. This can help a lot when you want to ensure its durability and the baby is comfortable.


If you’re a parent, the first thing that comes to mind would be how you’re going to carry your baby with you everywhere conveniently. There are various methods, as some people would use cradleboard that has highly decorated board which is covered in cloth, where a baby can remain secured.

However, the use of best lightweight strollers is emerging day by day. Study conducted by Henry Ford Hospitals in Detroit Michigan shows that jogging with a stroller increased runner’s heart beats by 3-5% and increase oxygen consumption by 2 %. Women burned between 4-21 extra calories per 30 minute jogging. So why not to use the best lightweight strollers while going out for shopping or travelling with your baby? They will give you lots of benefit as well as convenience.

Top 5 Best Lightweight Strollers on the Market

1. Joovy Groove Ultralight Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller

Joovy Groove Ultralight Stroller


The Joovy Groove Stroller is also another perfect travel stroller for children that are currently experiencing growth spurts. Its expandable frame makes it more accommodating than other models for children that need an increasing amount of room.

Being among the best lightweight strollers, this stroller has prominent place in light weighted strollers as it comes up with quite light weight of mere 13.9 pounds and without accessories it only has 12.5 pounds. Its remarkable features include multi-position reclining seat and a large storage basket and no batteries required.

2. Quinny Zapp Xtra Stroller with Folding Seat

Quinny Zapp Xtra Stroller with Folding Seat


The Quinny Zapp Xtra Stroller is an extremely compact stroller that even comes with a memory function for parents that don’t want to hassle with their stroller every time they go outside. It’s for this reason that the Quinny Zapp Xtra Stroller is considered the best travel stroller for parents that find themselves frequently frustrated by messing with their stroller’s settings.

It is the best travel stroller for infants with reversible seat that reclines to multiple positions by only one hand. High price of $299.99 is because of its various accessories like Cup Holder, Parasol, Weather Shield, Travel Tote, Foot muff and Multi-Model Infant Car Seat Adapter.

3. Maclaren Quest Orla Kiely Stroller

Maclaren Quest Orla Kiely Stroller


While this model is certainly on the heavier side, it more than makes up for this by being a full package for any young parent that wants to provide their child with as comfortable a seat as possible. The frame is adjustable, allowing it to be as large or compact as needed. In addition, its shoulder pads and padded seating make it especially useful for those that like to jog with their stroller.

With all that in mind, it’s easy to see why the Maclaren Quest Stroller is considered to be one of the best lightweight strollers for parents that are more concerned with quality than affordability.

Pretty fine quality really deserve this cost as design is cool and stylish with awesome features like full recline, simple fold, comfy padded seat and roomy under seat storage and give best option of best lightweight travel stroller for infant and toddler.

It has larger sunshade and in new model 2016 weight is just 12.5 lbs. This stroller is available in different colours and can stand when folded. You are paying for style and fabric here.

4. Babyzen YOYO Stroller

Babyzen YOYO Stroller


The Babyzen YOYO Stroller may have a steep ticket price, but it makes up for this by providing customers with virtually everything that they could ever want or need in a baby’s best lightweight strollers.

Not only is the Babyzen YOYO Stroller capable of compacting itself, it can all be done with only one-hand. Parents that are constantly having their focus split in different directions will understand the value of being able to put this stroller together with only one hand available.

These lightweight baby strollers are good option for going for short journey. The amazing thing is its extra ordinary light weight, stylish and yes the beautiful option of umbrella that make it awesome. Its beauty and light weight make it worthy.

5. Chicco Liteway plus Stroller

Chicco Liteway plus Stroller


Unlike the Maclaren Quest, the Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller is considerably less expensive and instead offers parents a more lightweight stroller option. Aside from being much more compact than some of its competitors, the Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller boasts an extensive amount of adjustability, making it among best lightweight strollers too, for travel.

Parents that are constantly on the move and need to quickly adapt to new environments will want to seriously consider the Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller.

Such best lightweight strollers travel system has 2 in 1 package for your travel. It service as key fit of infant car seat with audible click beside stroller. For toddler mode, there are 5 reclining positions to hold sleepy child. It is useful for the children up to 5OIbs. This stroller is complete package for toddlers.

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