Review To Determine The Best Travel Stroller

Different items have been used to transport infants. Baby strollers have however stood out as the most suitable mode of conveying children who are below three years old. This has made them one of the most significant baby items. Initially known as pushchairs, they have developed with time.

Current models are mostly made using aluminum and are collapsible. This convenience means that they can easily be folded and stored in car boots during journeys. To enhance the comfort of their babies, parents ought to choose the best travel stroller.

Babies grow quite fast and are likely to outgrow the equipment quite fast. They should therefore be given an opportunity to enjoy the strollers before they get too big for them. In recent times, there has been an impressive uptake of strollers. This has made the market to be flooded with many products. The situation makes it hard for mums and dads to choose the best travel system strollers for their babies.

The table below compares the prices of some travel system strollers, their colors, weight and customer rating. This comparison can go a long way in helping parents make the most judicial choice when it comes to buying the best baby stroller travel system.

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How to choose the best travel stroller

With quite a large number of strollers currently in the market, most parents find it hard to make the most appropriate choice; they are overwhelmed by the wide range of strollers. Certain strollers are meant for walking while others are meant for jogging. There are travel system strollers, lightweight strollers and even 4WD strollers. This wide variety makes choosing the best one quite hard. A number of issues come into play as far as purchasing a baby stroller is concerned. These issues need in-depth consideration.

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1. Budget

Before you starts shopping for a stroller, you should come up with a budget. This acts as the guideline in the entire process and therefore, must be adhered to at all costs. Most parents find themselves straying because they get overawed by the available choices once they get to the retailing outlet. Conducting research about the available products can help you make a sensible choice beforehand.

Research is helpful when it comes to drawing up a budget. More often than less, strollers are bought together with other accessories such as stroller covers and mosquito nets. Those who wish to go to this extend should make sure that these accessories are captured within the budget to avoid impulse buying while at the shop.

2. Purpose

Parents ought to decide ahead of time the exact purpose that the stroller will serve. Those who are active and love staying outdoors should consider strollers that are powerful and appropriate for all kinds of terrain. Such pushchairs have to be sturdy to withstand the vigor’s of rough outdoor terrain. It is also advisable to consider models whose wheels can be adjusted and locked because it makes movement in uneven terrains easier.

Parents who love travelling should look for a baby buggy that is lightweight and can be easily folded for storage in the car trunk. Such strollers may not be sturdy but they offer more convenience and flexibility.

3. Weight And Size

These two factors are quite important because they greatly determine the maneuverability of a stroller; they mostly relate to the purpose of a baby carriage. All terrain strollers for instance are often bigger and weigh more that umbrella strollers. You need to ensure that the stroller being considered will not be too difficult to push or lift once it is folded. It is also significant to keep in mind how much the child’s weight and any other items will affect the stroller’s maneuverability.

When purchasing a big stroller, it is advisable to consider buying a smaller umbrella stroller as well. This gives you an option particularly when they are travelling. During such instances, the large prams are difficult to tag along.

4. Steering Ability

This is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing travel system strollers. You should only prioritize strollers can be easily steered and maneuvered in tightly-packed spaces. It should make you comfortable and confident while steering the equipment. In addition, the stroller chosen should be of appropriate height.

Choosing prams with adjustable handles allow you to walk at your normal strides without bumping your shins on them. In this regard, the stroller ought to have an adjustable handle, especially if it will regularly be used by both parents. In most cases, parents often have different heights. Choosing a model whose handle can be adjusted to accommodate differences in the parent’s height not only improves the stroller’s steering ability but also prevents back pains especially when being pushed for long.

5. Collapsibility

This may seem like a strange factor to consider. However, it is quite important in ensuring ease of movement. For convenience purposes, it is advisable to choose strollers that can be easily collapsed or folded. There are certain models that have intricate buttons and levers, which make collapsing them difficult.

To avoid conveniences, choose models that are easy to fold and do not require intricate processes. In line with this, the stroller being deliberated on should not be difficult to operate. Besides this, it should have the requisite spare parts in the event that it breaks down.

6. The Space Factor

Going out for stroll with a small child will often force parents to tag along a number of items because such strolls often have a degree of inevitability. This forces you to carry bags containing necessities. Strollers that have inadequate storage space make it quite difficult to tag along many items or baggage.

This highlights the need to choose strollers that have ample storage space. Normally these storage spaces come in form of shopping baskets and compartments. Newer models have a provision for add-ons when necessary.

7. Safety Of Use

This stands out as one of the most essential factors to consider when shopping for the best stroller travel system. Baby carriages should have certain safety features, which are obligatory. These features guarantee the general wellbeing of the baby and the parent during strolls.

It is mandatory for strollers to have strong restraints whose purpose is to hold back the babies and prevent them from toppling over. Five point restraints in particular secure a child’s waist, shoulders and crotch, thus promoting their safety. Strollers that have this feature should therefore be prioritized.

Tether straps are also essential for the parents’ and nannies’ wrists because they inhibit any movements that might cause the strollers to roll away. Manufacturers of newer models have even gone ahead to come up with strollers that have a braking feature.

This makes the strollers to brake the moment they are left free. Strollers ought to have more than a single parking brake. The release mechanism of the brake should be located far away from where the child sits. You should look out for such safety features.

8. Convenience

Several features go a long way in making travel system strollers convenient and easy to use. One of the features that increase the convenience of baby strollers is their compatibility with car seats. You should select strollers that are compatible with car seats. This should be of particular interest especially if you will be frequently moving with your baby.

When out shopping, you should test the strollers in stock to ensure that they have enough legroom. When carrying out this test, check on the wheel size, the angle at which the baby’s seat is positioned and ultimately, the position of the handlebars. All these affect the amount of legroom that you will have while pushing the stroller.

The durability of a baby carriage should also be considered more so if you wish to have more children in future. Purchasing durable strollers means you will not spend a lot of money in future buying other strollers. Those that have plastic wheels tend to get spoilt quite fast and thus should be avoided in favor of strollers with rubber wheels. The seats should also be adjustable to attain different positions. This enables the baby to sit upright, recline or stretch out when he or she dozes off during a stroll.

Criteria For Evaluation

There are certain benchmarks that you can use in quest for the best stroller in the market. They should look for certain pertinent characteristics in order for them to establish the suitability of pushchairs that are available.

1. Ease Of Use

This is an important aspect that you should look out for. In most cases, strollers that have a general ease of use are considered over those that are difficult to use.

Most parents prefer strollers that come with features such as front locking wheels and adjustable seats. Strollers that can easily be folded and stored are also preferred over those that are rigid.

There are strollers, which have compact folds with carry straps that make them easy to use. Such strollers are often prioritized.

2. Maneuverability

This is another criteria used by mums and dads when shopping for strollers. This basically implies the ability of strollers to be steered in a straight line and be easily turned using one hand. Most of the newer models have wheels that can turn and easily change direction.

The strollers must have the ability to be steered into and out of crammed spaces such as parking lots. Parents who live in cities and urban areas often consider the maneuverability of strollers because they have to use public transportation at some pint.

This usually necessitates them to buy strollers that can be easily maneuvered around train stations and similar facilities. The wheel size also determines the maneuverability of a stroller.

3. Safety

Parents are often concerned about the safety of their children. This explains why they often search for strollers that not only guarantee the safety of the babies but also their own safety.

They usually consider strollers that can hold the babies in place and promise a safe ride. Only strollers that shield the kids from harsh weather conditions such as excessive sunlight are considered.

The presence of seat belts and harnesses increases the safety of the babies during a stroll. This ensures their general wellbeing. Auxiliary features such as braking systems also come into play when choosing the best stroller travel system.

4. Quality

This is a factor that determines a stroller’s durability and ease of use. You should consider the material used in the construction of the strollers. The strollers themselves should be sturdy and strong so that they can withstand uneven terrain without getting spoilt.

This also prevents the entire structure from collapsing while it is being pushed. In as much as the material used ought to be light, it should support the baby’s weight without giving in.

The material used should be of high quality to allow washing whenever the strollers get dirty, without getting spoilt. This is a standard that parents normally look for.

5. Weight And Folded Size

Due to the fast nature of today’s world, parents typically prioritize strollers that are light, easily collapsible and are not too big when collapsed.

Strollers that are heavy hinder quick movement particularly in urban areas where speed is a necessity. In addition they are difficult to carry once they are folded. Convenient strollers can fit into car trunks without much trouble once they are folded.

6. Ease Of Setup

This is concerned with setting up all features needed to put a stroller into use. Normally, strollers are stored while folded. The first step when setting them up is unfolding them.

Those that have intricate buttons and knobs are shunned due to the difficulty experienced in setting them up.

Strollers that are easy to fold and set up are generally prioritized. Such strollers have frames that can be easily locked into position.

Newer models are preferred because they have a universal system that enables them to double up as baby car seats. Strollers that have manuals, which ease the process of setting them up, are also preferred.

10 Best Travel Strollers on the Market

The fact that many products have flooded the market makes it necessary for parents to find the best strollers for their young ones. The decision should be based on the elements that clients ought to consider when purchasing baby strollers.


Basing on pricing, Baby Trend Lightweight Stroller is the most pocket friendly since it retails at 49.99 dollars. This is a product meant for those on the lower segments of the economic pyramid. 

In addition to its pocket friendly price, shipping is free and can also be returned if buyers feel they are not up to standard. This stroller has a five point harness, a storage basket and cup holders. It is however small and can only be used by children who are under 40 inches tall.


The purpose for which a stroller has been bought also comes into play when selecting the most appropriate one. The Graco Verb Travel System is appropriate for rough terrain because it has four wheels, which makes maneuverability is such areas easy.

It can also be detached to act as a car seat, which makes them advantageous all the more. Summer Infant Go Lite Convenience Strollers on the other hand are best suited for strolls in paved places because their wheels are less sturdy.


Weight and size also determine the suitability of a stroller. Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller ranks as the heaviest baby stroller travel system. It weighs 22 pounds, which is quite substantial. Besides this, it is quite inappropriate to parents to parents who travel regularly and have a small car trunk.

It is also bulky to move around with. Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller can be easily steered using one hand. It has a provision for older children on a platform situated at the rear. Its sealed wheels, which have ball bearings, improve maneuverability.


Weight and size also determine the suitability of a stroller. Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller ranks as the heaviest baby stroller travel system. It weighs 22 pounds, which is quite substantial. Besides this, it is quite inappropriate to parents to parents who travel regularly and have a small car trunk.

It is also bulky to move around with. Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller can be easily steered using one hand. It has a provision for older children on a platform situated at the rear. Its sealed wheels, which have ball bearings, improve maneuverability.



All the models listed in the comparison table are collapsible and have safety features to ensure the wellbeing of the babies and those pushing them.

  • Zoe XL1 Best Xtra Lightweight Travel stroller system stands out as the most convenient due to its incredibly low weight. At only 11 pounds, it can be easily carried from one place to another.
  • Graco Click Connect Literider also has rave reviews because it can be easily maneuvered. It has a lightweight design, which improves portability and ease of movement.
  • Zoe XL1 Best Xtra Lightweight stroller however is the easiest to collapse because of its unique one-hand fold that makes folding a quick and easy process.
  • The presence of braking features further highlights the extents to which manufacturers are going in order for them to outdo competitors and gain dominance in this lucrative sector
  • Chicco’s Capri lightweight stroller for instance has a suspension system on the wheels to ensure that the ride is devoid of any uncomfortable bumps.

The issue of space has also been well taken care of by the manufacturers. The space available basically connotes the maximum weight that a stroller can accommodate. Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller has a maximum weight limit of 90 pounds, which is quite impressive by any standards. This makes it the go-to products for parents whose children are between three to four years. It is also a natural choice for mums and dads whose children have a fast growth rate

The component of convenience and ease of use generally depends on the purpose that a parent intends the stroller to serve. A convenient stroller needs to be easy to set up and use, high quality, and ultimately adaptable to be used as a baby car seat. Its weight should be manageable to enhance quick movement from one place to another. Maneuverability also comes into play as far as the convenience of a stroller is concerned.

The Winner Is...

Several strollers come into mind but Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite stroller emerges as the most convenient model. This is because it is helpful to younger children who cannot walk and the older ones who can walk. The older ones have a standing platform at the back, which comes with a canopy to shield them from sunshine.

Though it is priced relatively expensive, it offers an exceptional strolling experience to both the parent and the kid. Besides this, its versatility is what many parents look out for, when searching for the best travel stroller.



Strollers are an integral part of a child’s development. They play a significant role in making the whole childhood experience fulfilling. Their importance cannot be downplayed at any cost. They give parents an opportunity to interact with their young children especially during weekends. Walking is quite strenuous for children, especially those who have recently learnt to walk. Strollers therefore present an opening for them to go out without getting tired.

Strollers can also give parents an opportunity to work out. There are joggers, which are designed to serve this purpose. The position that the kids stay in while in the strollers also enhances their physical and spinal development. This among other issues makes strollers a must-have for parents who ultimately care about their toddlers’ wellbeing. The main headache however lies in the fact that choosing the right model. Once this has been done, they can enjoy gratifying strolls with their young ones.


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