Choosing Safe Toys Your Baby Could Still Enjoy

Babies are the most fragile creatures in the world. They easily get sick and we often give our full attention to them. Raising babies are not that easy. There are times that we have to be very watchful especially when they play.

Playing plays an important role in the development of our child. Through playing, the child is able to develop important aspects of himself. The child develops his cognitive, social, physical and emotional well-being. As well as it helps develop the child’s brain. Through playing, the child learns to express himself and mold himself to be the person that he wants to be.

Toys are not just meant for fun, but toys are also meant for learning. Choosing toys for your babies requires a lot of consideration before buying them. Nowadays, because of technology, toys are also following the trend of being technology-savvy.  As parents, it is our job to choose the best toys for our kids, not just for the sake of learning as well as for their health.’

In this, what are the things that we should consider when buying toys for our babies? And why is it necessary to consider these tips?

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Always check the Manufacturer’s Note

The manufacture’s note is often time located at the bottom of the packaging box of the toy. The note contains warnings and the age the toy is suited for. It will tell you if your baby is allowed to play with it or the toy contains tiny pieces that your child might accidentally swallow. It is best that you read this one before purchasing the toy.

Size Matters

For babies, it is important that you take note of the size of the toy. The toy should be at least be 3 centimeters in diameter and 6 centimeters in height. This is to make sure that the toy won’t be swallowed by the baby. Toys are tested using a tube with the same diameter with the child’s throat. It will help tell you if the toy is suitable for your baby. If you want to take the test by yourself, you can use a toilet paper roll as a tester. The toilet paper roll has a similar diameter of the tube tester.

Avoid giving marbles and balls that are small enough to be ingested by your child. If you wish to let your child play with a ball, it best that the ball is big enough to be swallowed. Toys from vending machines are a big no-no for babies to play with. These toys contain tiny pieces that your baby might accidentally swallow. Vending machine toys are more suitable for kids eight years old and above.

Battery-operated toys should have battery cases

It is very important that Battery-operated toys should have a battery case. It is important that the child could not open the battery case. Batteries should be kept away from child’s reach. Batteries are harmful to your child’s health. It can cause choking, chemical burns, and internal bleeding. It is best that toys that are battery-operated are enclosed in a battery case that is closed using a screw.

Be wary of Plushies

For stuffed toys, you must check the buttons of the stuffed toy. Stuffed toy makers often use buttons to represent the eyes and nose of the stuffed animal. This buttons might loosen if not sewn properly. It is best that you check the eyes and nose of the stuffed toy.  If the toys are prizes from the carnival, it is best that you don’t let your baby play with it. If you wish to let your baby play with these toys, you can buy plushies that the eyes and nose are sewn. You have to be very careful in choosing the textile of the stuffed toy.

Riding Toys should be played under adult’s supervision.

Riding toys should be played under adult’s supervision. This is to avoid your child from falling on the ground when he or she is playing or tipping when he or she plays too hard.  Before purchasing these toys, it is best that you if there are seatbelts and harnesses in the riding toy.

Homemade Toys and hand-me-downs should be evaluated

This kind of toys did not undergo quality control, unlike the store-bought toys.  It is best that you get your homemade toys evaluated by experts before giving it to your babies. For hand-me-downs, do not give toys that were manufactured before 1978. The body paint of the toy might contain lead, which is harmful to our body.

Choose Eco-friendly Toys

When buying toys, it is important that you check what the toy is made up.  For a wooden toy, make sure that manufacturers didn’t use varnish in the finishing touches for the toy. For stuff toy and plushies, it is best that you consider using organic textiles.  It is also best that you avoid giving your baby playing with balloons and toys that are made from latex. There is a tendency that the child might chew on it or choke from inhaling the gas inside the balloon. This might cause serious damage to your baby’s health. Balloons also have the tendency to explode when squeezed tightly. It might accidentally blow in front of your baby.

Toys of Older Children Should Be Kept Out Of Reach

If you have older kids, always keep their toys out of the baby’s reach. This is because there toys might contain smaller pieces that your infant might choke on if left unattended. However, it is also best to make your older children play with the infant in order to promote a good relationship between siblings. The older child will learn how to share and be patient with the younger one while the younger will learn to play properly with the older one.

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The Manufacturer’s note plays a very important when purchasing toys for your baby. It is important that we make it a habit of reading it before purchasing the toy, Toys should not hurt our kids but rather toys should help them learn.

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