Healthy Meal Ideas For Your Baby

Are you a first-time mom or a nth-time mom? Even if you have given birth a million times (well that’s an exaggeration) but preparing a healthy meal for you baby is always on top priority. It has been said that mother’s love is the most unconditional and selfless love, yes it is. The moment the baby comes out from the mother’s womb, it seems like their lives are intertwined.  All the mothers want what is best for their kids, and that includes the food that they eat as they grow and develop.

A baby in its early stage needs utmost attention in everything that he needs including water, milk, diapers, clothes, vitamins and more especially the food. The early stage is the most delicate; that is why mothers should be very vigilant in monitoring whatever gets in their  babies’ bodies. It is very important that babies or kids learn to eat healthy from a very young age for a faster and well-balanced growth and development.

Breastmilk is recommended for the first six months of the baby. If circumstances would not allow the mother to breastfeed, formula milk will be just fine provided it is recommended by a pediatrician. Do not give the baby a cow’s milk in replacement for the formula milk or breast milk. You may use the cow’s milk together with food in small amount only. If the baby is already one-year-old, you can give him the cow’s milk. A semi-skimmed milk can also be given to a two-year-old baby.

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Feeding the baby can be a very daunting yet fulfilling task of a mother especially when you see how the baby develops into a toddler. Babies develop differently. Some experts say that you can already let your baby eat solid foods at six months, however, that still depends on the nutritional needs of the baby. There are signs that could help a mother determine whether the baby is ready for solid foods. If you are still in doubt, consult a pediatrician to make sure that it is the right time to introduce the baby to solid foods.

The first time solid foods are introduced to the baby, you can expect that they will be rejected especially if they do not like the smell or the taste. It requires utmost patience. Do not introduce solid foods in one meal alone. Let the baby get to know and familiarize the taste and the smell of the food before introducing another kind of food. You should take it slow and introduce them to solid foods one by one.

You can start feeding your baby with cereal first before giving him pureed vegetables and fruits. Finger foods are also encouraged provided these are chopped into tiny pieces to avoid incidents of choking. Eggs, fish, peanuts and tree nuts are highly allergenic foods. Therefore, it is not advised by doctors that these be given to babies.

In preparing meals for your baby, do not forget to avoid adding salt, sugar, and some other seasonings. The baby only needs a little amount of salt at 0.4g approximately, so it is not necessary to add salt in their foods. Here are some of the most healthy meal ideas that your baby will surely love.

Unsweetened Porridge

At breakfast, it would be best to serve plain porridge that means no additional sweeteners for the baby. You can also be more creative by trying out cereal with mashed ripe pear or any fruit as long as it is mashed and not too acidic for the baby in an early morning.

Stick to Whole Wheat

Whole wheat is still healthier compared to white bread because it is rich in fiber and best for kids. You can prepare a biscuit cereal made of whole grains, forget the sugar but not the fruits. You can boil the fruit slowly to make it easier for the baby to chew and digest it. You can also prepare muffins out of whole wheat apricot in order to bring a different taste to the table. The apricots to be used in making these muffins shall be soaked in water for 10 minutes to soften it before chopping. You can also try making pancakes out of whole wheat by preparing whole wheat buttermilk pancakes for your baby. In serving these pancakes to babies, make sure to cut it into small pieces with a little maple syrup on it.

Toast Fingers

If you are in a more laid-back mood, you can go for toast fingers. Making toast fingers involves toasting bread and letting it cool down. If it is already cold, you can slice it into three finger-like shapes. You can also serve it with a mashed banana or ripe peach in small slices.

Stewed Apple

Baby’s breakfast may include a stewed apple, nutritious main one that is slowly cooked. Pair the stewed apple with your baby’s breakfast cereal. In order to offer something different to the baby, you may also have unsweetened yogurt instead of fruits.

Mashed Sweet Potato

You can serve mashed sweet potato to your baby for dinner. You may pair it with mashed chickpeas and of course mashed cauliflower. Make sure to serve the meal not too late nor too early in the evening. Make a serving that is only enough for the baby in order not to waste ingredients.


Muffins are good as transitional food for babies. You can prepare blueberry oatmeal muffins or oatmeal raisin muffins. These muffins are absolutely healthy and fitting for a baby main nutritious ingredients. You can also experiment with baby’s foods using other healthy ingredients other than oatmeal.


Does this even sound familiar? These are tiny or little grains of semolina flour. They can be cooked lightly and turns fluffy after a few minutes. It is also the best food for the baby because it can help you save time in preparing it. You can prepare couscous at night and reheat it in the morning.

Mac and Cheese

Complemented with roasted tomatoes, mac and cheese will surely be one of your baby’s favorites. It is prepared in the abundance of milk and cheese containing necessary vitamins for baby’s strong bones. You may add cheddar according to your preference. Make sure not to use black pepper for the baby and the tomatoes and macaroni must be in little sizes.


Try to be creative and experiment with barley. You can use it as a base for vegetables, cheese and rosemary. The barley may not be usually used however, its mild flavor makes it suitable for babies. Do not add black pepper to the baby’s serving. Also, make sure that mushrooms are in tiny sizes for babies to chew easily.

Shredded Meat

Meat maybe too much for the baby’s intake but try the shredded meat paired with grilled cheese. This provides a good source of protein that is needed by the baby. You need to prepare first a grilled cheese sandwich then place the shredded meat into the layers of cheese.Finally, grill the sandwich, serve it when cold.

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There are different meal ideas that your baby will surely love depending on the type of resources that your place has. Mothers should just be patient, creative and careful in feeding their babies thus, it is best that a mother should work alongside baby’s pediatrician to be guided accordingly.

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