How Reading Books To Your Baby Helps

When you think of your childhood in retrospect, do you ever remember a time when your parents read books aloud for you? One of the fondest memories many people have of their childhood involves listening to their parents read them bedtime stories while they admire the pretty pictures between the pages of their favorite books. Who wouldn’t forget these wonderful memories of bonding with your parents and hearing about all the interesting stories from your childhood?

Unfortunately, as the world has progressed to a digitized society, kids have been less exposed to such vital experiences. This is why it’s important to relay to parents today the importance of reading to their children. If you’re a new parent as well, this article will help you learn everything there is to know about reading to your baby.

Why Is It Important?

Reading books to your children, at any age, has so many benefits, some of which you may not even realize. From an early age, you should already start reading to your children because even though they don’t really understand everything you are saying yet, it is a way of stimulating their brain. You wouldn’t want to wait too long before exposing them to the benefits of reading to them such as:

  • Building their language skills (listening, vocabulary and speaking).
  • Enhancing their understanding of emotions.
  • Developing their memory.
  • ​Stimulating their sences.
  • ​Teaching them various concepts and informations.
  • Foresting theirs relationship with you.

When you read aloud to your children, in spite of their age, you are already building the foundation of their communication skills. It not only teaches them to listen, but it also encourages them to reply to what you are saying. At the same time, when they hear words or sounds repetitively, this helps them create their own network of sounds needed to verbalize real words.

Studies have also confirmed that babies that are often spoken and read to by their parents are most likely to have a better grammatical understanding and word mastery. Furthermore, reading to your children with different emotions and expressions helps them understand the different human experiences which can enhance their social and emotional skills as well.

Sometimes, talking and reading to your children may not be enough. This is why many children’s books are equipped with loud and attractive pictures. These images help your baby associate words with the things they see. This gives them a better idea of what these words translate to in reality. By recognizing these images, children also get to develop their memory and stimulate their senses.

When your kids are already able to understand even just a hint of what you are reading to them, books teach them the basic information they need such as numbers, letters, colors, shapes, animals, and facial expressions. When they get older, the books you read to them could tackle even more age appropriate topics such as stories that teach them morals, good manners, hygiene, and social behavior. You must remember that everything you read to your children not only builds their intelligence but also shapes their personalities.

Of course, reading to them also helps nurture your relationship and closeness with your children. As mentioned earlier, many adults still remember the times when their parents read to them when they were kids. This beautiful experience between a parent and a child is something that kids could look forward to every night (or day). With this, children could further be encouraged to read and learn because they enjoy spending this time with their parents.

The Best Way To Read To Them

It doesn’t really take a lot to make your child happy when you are reading to them. As long as you give them your full attention, and use pages that they enjoy, your child will surely appreciate this time of the day. When reading to them, you should always remember that you are talking to a child, and children easily get bored.

This is why you must exaggerate your expressions when reading by changing the loudness and pitch of your voice and displaying different facial expressions.

You can also change your voice for different characters. It is also good to repeat to them the parts that they respond to the most because kids love repetition.

You can also ask them questions in between sentences to stimulate their brain. To help your child feel more comfortable and safe, you can also cuddle him/her while reading.

When Should You Read To Them?

Reading to your children is not only limited before their bedtime. In fact, it is better to do this as often as you can during the day, as long as your baby is in the mood. Usually, kids are more attentive and alert after eating, changing their diaper, and napping. It is also good to establish a routine before napping and sleeping as well, so it can help them relax after reading.

What Books To Read

When choosing a book to read to children, you should always take note of their age and interests. If you are going to read to an infant, you should pick the most basic books available. It is also better to choose books with nursery rhymes or songs for your baby. As your child gets older, you can choose a book that’s better suited for his/her age.

This time, you can pick books with interesting stories, larger text, and more distinct images. If your child is already able to speak and interact, you can choose books that help engage your child. An example is picking a book that has 3-D images and textures that they can touch.

As you can see, reading to children has many great benefits that will definitely help build the foundation of their communication skills and personalities. The earlier they are exposed to this experience, the more advanced and literate they can be. Most important of all, reading to children instills in them beautiful and permanent memories that develop their closeness with their parents.


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