Maclaren Quest Stroller Review

We take a look at the brand new Maclaren Quest Stroller Review, the stroller which brings a whole new meaning to the terms light weight and compact.

The Maclaren Quest features an aircraft grade aluminum frame, making for a BEST LIGHTWEIGHT TRAVEL STROLLER. The Quest offers a sturdy and reliable design with new vibrant colors. This stroller is best for newborn babies, with an adjustable seat for your child’s comfort – with a total of 4 different seat positions.

The Maclaren brand has gone above and beyond in the quest to shed weight – the stroller weighing a total of 12.3 pounds. The Quest is certainly a durable stroller; its design is suited for parents who are usually out and about, running errands mainly.

  • The stroller can fold up, for easy storage and transportation and it can hold children of up to 15kg – probably around the age of three. It also features and fully adjustable, multi-purpose seat – which can also be detached to wash it.
  • The Quest also has a storage space for diapers and other baby necessities – the storage space comes in the form of a bucket at the base of the stroller. It is worth noting that this storage space is hard to utilize when the baby seat is fully reclined.


  • Its designers also added a wind resistant cover, to protect your baby from the cold drafts of wind – ensuring warmth and protection.
  • Maclaren has also made the stroller easy to fold up as the stroller includes some straps that are adjustable and tighten to hold the frame together, although it is a little rigid and hard to move about.
  • The stroller features four-wheel suspension, which should give a relatively smooth ride – but it seems to be a little bumpy at times. The stroller also features a brake mechanism, although it is hard to access when the seat is fully reclined.

Product Features

  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • The handlebar is positioned to reduce strain on the wrists of the pusher and is made of soft foam to cushion their hands.
  • ​Included with the stroller are a carry strap, carry handle, tether strap, and an automatic folding lock.
  • ​Four wheel suspension with a lockable front pair of wheels.
  • Reflective strips5 Point Safety HarnessFoldable frame.

Individual Assessments

  • Seat System: The fully adjustable seat with four positions and an improved crotch strap make for an excellent a comfortable option for your baby. The material can be machine washed and is easily removed from the frame. Maclaren’s new safety harness is strong and durable, making for a great form of protection for your newborn.
  • Canopy: This stroller comes with a newly designed cover with is water resistant and broad enough to protect the infant. Its giant hood also protects the baby from the wind, helping keep your child nice and warm
  • Frame: The new lightweight aluminum frame ensures the stroller is easy to carry and store, as well as fit into your car.

Pros And Cons


  • The aluminum frame ensures for a sturdy stroller, able to take the weight of a toddler and a diaper bag, including all other necessities.
  • Basket at the base gives a stable feel to the stroller as it lowers its center of mass.
  • Reclining ability will enable babies to take the perfect nap, enabling the child to lie down on their back.
  • Reclining can be done with one hand, ensuring the safety of your child as you are still in control of the stroller.
  • Fast and easy folding of the stroller.
  • Comfort ensured as the seat has extra padding.


  • No place to hold cups, meaning you have no place to put your morning coffee.
  • The relatively high price of $300, although it is a well-known brand.
  • The stroller seat can’t be removed and used as a car seat, meaning that you would have to buy a baby car seat in addition to your stroller.
  • Poor positioning of the peeking window, making it hard to see your child while pushing the stroller.

Maclaren Quest Stroller

best lightweight baby stroller


The Maclaren Quest’s best lightweight baby stroller and compact design push it up to the top, regarding durability and robustness. The stroller has several advantages, chief among which include its adjustable seat and lightweight design. Among its disadvantages are its hard to reach basket and high price.

It’s fully padded seat is also a feature that is sure to catch the attention of potential buyers as it indicates that their children will be safe and comfortable.

All in all, I think this is a high-quality stroller, with several different features. It’s lightweight, and compact design is what makes me recommend it to keen parents. It is a great stroller for newborn babies.

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