How To Make Your House A Safe-For-Babies Zone

Little babies are indeed one of the most prized treasures a parent could have. Having a baby does not only give a parent that sense of pride within them, but it also brings joy to the family. Such precious bundles are the ones that hold a family so much closer and just happier. Babies are the ones that create a mess and break things, but in the end, they are still forgiven because of such innocence. Babies are indeed special and must be treated with so much care. Thus, almost all parents can’t take their eyes of their babies, especially when they start to take an interest in their surroundings. These moments are really inevitable. A baby will always wander and explore what is around him; therefore, parents can never get away with accidents from happening.

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A few harmless bumps and scars may occur, and this is totally fine because every child must at least experience what it is to get into trouble when they misbehave. However, there are just some accidents that go far beyond safe thumps and injuries. No parent would want to hear their baby crying after a severe mishap had befallen on their child. To prevent such an unfortunate thing from happening, parents must be well prepared and be educated enough to tackle these problems.

Our house is where our babies first explore; this becomes their world, and everything they see becomes interesting to them. That is why it is important to keep everything safe. Almost all things in the house can be an object for disaster. A tablecloth may become an irresistible piece of the mantle for pulling; hence, the crashing of plates and the possible concussion on your baby’s forehead. Perhaps your drawers are the best place to hide your knives, but no, babies will still find those sharp cutters without you knowing how they managed to find it. You may be fully convinced that you are hiding all the dangerous stuff in the right places, but with no further explanation, a curious kid will always find the hazardous stuff no matter what. Babies are very curious beings; a certain stage even takes their inquisitiveness to the highest peak, so you must brace yourself for unlimited soothing and tender caresses. The moment your baby starts to walk, you will find yourself in for a lot of kissing the sore knees and wounded fingers. To prevent these from happening as much as you can, here is a guide to make your house a safe zone for those curious kids:

Why are these babies actually accident-prone?

Kids will always be kids, and we can never alter this fact. Therefore, we must learn how they act to fully grasp their nature. The more we understand how their little minds work, the more aware we become with their actions. Here are the things that you need to understand when you are dealing with a child:

  • They are unexpected.

Babies will fully convince a parent that they are all good and obedient when it comes to staying away from dangerous areas in the house. They are toddlers; they don’t know anything but wander and poke at whatever their hands land on. Just because your baby does not exhibit any form of misbehavior by touching electrical circuits, they won’t be doing it the next day. Kids have an unexpected nature, so be prepared for the worst things to happen. Never underestimate a child’s capability to find ways on how to reach the jar of candies, they are very observant and are actually very resourceful when it comes to searching for whatever means just to get their wants satisfied.

  • Leaving them alone means instant heart attack.

It may sound overly exaggerated when you say a parent could end up with a heart attack, but this may actually quite happen. Babies really do have that power to bring a parent to the brink of distress. Babies may look innocent and safe on the fuzzy carpet floor while playing with their teddies, but when you leave them just for a moment, the next thing you find is that your baby is missing. You scrambled and circled the house like a mad person, and then you find your baby crawling near the front porch steps! This is a very likely situation to happen, especially when you leave the door open. We really can’t blame some parents; there are really those who just get too comfortable at the thought of an open door. Although this may happen to some parents, it is still not wise to leave them alone. Who knows what might happen during the few moments you are gone. Anything can happen, and that includes accidents.

  • Childproof devices are not enough.

You may be confident and feel less guilty about leaving your kid for a while because a childproof safety device is installed in the house. It may work, and it may not as well. Just because these devices are made to protect a child, it doesn’t mean that your child will never ever have an accident or two. Yes, it is indeed helpful, but real supervision from an adult is really much better. Nothing would ever replace a parent’s watchful eye. If babies are well supervised by a parent, their chances of acquiring an accident will lessen.

How do we actually keep our houses safe?

With a baby bouncing from one part of your house to another, it must be a constant stress to keep on thinking about their welfare and safety. Since the house is where babies spend most of their time strolling about, a parent should always keep the whole place safe. How do we exactly do this then? To make your house a safe place for babies, here are the things that you need to consider:

General Safety of the house

In preventing possible accidents from happening, you must know that kids tend to follow the adults around. Accidents happen because there are instances in which a kid tries to follow his mama’s knife skills in the kitchen. This may sound adorable and all, but it is only endearing when it’s safe and dangerous items are tucked somewhere out of reach. You may think cable phones and appliances are perfectly harmless, and pots and pans will not scare your child, but you are definitely wrong. No matter how simple and mundane the things are at your home, these things are still capable of hurting your kid. To promote general safety around your house, follow this guide and have these items in your home:

  • Smoke Alarms

A home without this reliable device will surely bring a house into ashes. This device is really not that expensive, so you can buy it without making a pained expression. Investing on these alarms is so much better than not investing on preventive measures to protect the whole family. Smoke detectors will not only make your babies safe and sound, but it will also keep everyone else secure.

In installing these devices, make sure that you are putting one on every floor. Also, keep check on the batteries.  Sometimes when a smoke detector is not used for such a long time, chances are, its battery may be dead, so change them once in a while. You wouldn’t want to get your house burned to a crisp just because of a dead battery.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors

This may sound way too foreign for some, but carbon monoxide does reside in our houses. To keep this harmful substance from hampering our health, have carbon monoxide detectors installed in the house. You can find such detectors on local hardware shops.

  • Window Safety

There is no limit to a child’s curious mind, and windows are not excluded in their idea of adventure. To keep a baby from falling out of a window, installing safety catches or locks on the windows will keep away prying hands to open up a pane. Also, if you are using blinds to keep the sun’s rays away, be mindful that its cords can possibly choke a child, so never leave those deadly strings dangling out in the open. You can tie the cords in a bundle, even if this means that you are going to untie it again if you are going to adjust the blinds. This is so much better than risking your child’s life, so untying a bundled up cord will really not be that much of a hassle, unless if you throw away your blinds for a safer alternative.

  • Corner patches

The corners of the tables and other pieces of furniture are always a sure cause to bring in cries, especially when bumps through its jagged edges happens during play. We can never get away from these horrid events, but we can always do something to make these possible burdens prevented. With a patch, a table’s corner will never be too sharp and pointy anymore.

  • Safety Gates

Make sure that you are going to install safety gates all over the place. The moment your baby starts to walk or crawl, they will surely explore the whole house with no hesitation. Keeping safety gates on necessary areas like the stairs, porches, and other deemed spots will keep a baby from falling or accessing the wrong place. Who would want their babies to fall over a staircase, or crawl on the neighborhood street without supervision? Certainly, no one would want that, so placing gates would really keep those wandering babies in place wherein you could keep a watchful eye on them.

  • Door stoppers

It is always safe to install these helpful stoppers. These are the little saviors that keep your baby’s fingers safe from a closing door. These shutting doors summon such great force that having a finger or two within the gap certainly makes anyone flinch from pain, so place these on every door in the house to prevent sore fingers from happening.

  • Baby mats

Having baby mats around will not only make a cold and hard floor become inviting, but it will also keep a baby safe from bumps. It is very possible for babies to tumble over, so having a soft mat to catch them will surely keep swelling forehead and crashes from happening.

  • Placement of things

The placement of things in the house is a great factor in leading to a child’s accident. With just a simple paperclip lying about on the floor, your child will possibly end up in an emergency room. Tiny and often ordinary objects are easily ignored and not taken seriously for the possible dangers it brings. A baby will definitely not judge a box of paper clips for its fun colors, and a plastic bag will certainly make a great balloon when puffed; they are just never too aware that danger can happen to them anytime, so never underestimate such mundane things. Take the batteries, pens, paper clips, plastic bags, and other potentially harmful things away from a baby’s grasp.

Kitchen Safety

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To an adult, the kitchen may be just a place to make and store food, but to a baby, it is not only a place to grab all the munchies, but it is also an interesting playground to roam about. This makes the kitchen one of the most targeted sites for play. With the pots, pans, and tools for cooking, it is no wonder why babies can never resist an opportunity to wander in this area. Although exploring is only natural for a baby, a parent should never allow their kids to explore alone, particularly when the place is full of knives. To keep the kitchen a safe place for a baby, here are the things that you should do in the kitchen:

  • Putting locks on everything

Anything in the kitchen that is worth latching must be attached with a lock. Any place wherein curious hands could go searching must be out of reach. For instance, you might want to place in security pads on those cupboards and drawers because this is most likely the first thing that a baby would want to open in the kitchen. Who knows what they would end up grabbing inside those cabinets; it could be a knife, a fork, or any other sharp object. Ovens must also be closed and locked at all times, especially when it is hot. You don’t want your babies to be fully traumatized of cooking because of a severe burn. Lastly, even if your fridge is just an innocent machine minding its own business, this doesn’t mean that it’s not going to be included as a subject of prying hands, so when you are just too busy on some days to mind the baby like a hawk, having a lock on the fridge will truly lend a hand. This will not only save your electric bills from the possibility of a fridge left open, but this will also serve as protection from objects that might fall over onto your baby.

  • Cooker Guards

Having a cooker guard placed on your stoves will keep a baby’s hand from latching onto those hot pots or pans. This helpful contraption is strategically placed that children reaching will not have the chance to burn their fingers. If you don’t have one yet, you can avoid accidents from turning the handles of the pots and pans away from where it is easily accessible. Also, as much as possible, cook on the farthest side of the stove nearest to the wall because this keeps a kid from being distracted to grab what you are cooking.

Bathroom Safety

The bathroom, although a place of comfort, can’t also get away from the horrors of a child meeting an accident. In fact, one of the most dangerous places a child can be when alone is the bathroom. With its slippery surfaces, babies will surely lose their footing in an instant. From lots of cases of drowning to heavy concussions, it wouldn’t be a surprise if a kid meets an injury for himself. To avoid bathroom mishaps from occurring, this is what you should do:

  • Bath mats

If you can’t keep the bathroom dry at all times, a bathroom mat must be placed on the wet floor to avoid slipping. Slipping is certainly one of the most common disasters in the bathroom, so applying mats that take away slipperiness will do the trick.

  • Tap covers

The tap is indeed a very interesting thing to twist and turn. A child that can’t keep his hands away from it might face the unfortunate event of being drenched in hot water. These inflatable covers are the ones that keep the taps from being twisted, and it also serves as a good protection from possible bumps and cuts.

  • Safety racks and cabinets

Always keep the inedible stuff out of reach. Products like shampoos, soaps, body wash, and the like are often times mistaken as yummy treats. We really can’t blame the babies. We just can’t help but appreciate a strawberry scented shampoo once in a while; even grownups would think about their favorite desserts once they smell that strawberry scent. To keep a baby from wasting or gobbling on those indigestible products, place them all in rack or cabinet. Keep all the stuff out of reach; we don’t want anything else but a happily washed baby, and not a poisoned one.

Electrical Safety

Another deadly source of injury comes from electricity. Accidents from wires and sockets can easily zap out a poor baby’s hands. With all the electrical sockets and wires found mostly at the lower levels of the house, it is no wonder why a crawling baby gets interested in poking a fork in a socket, and biting or chewing on a wire. Truly, such innocent act is a recipe for disaster. To prevent this from happening here is what you should do:

  • Socket Covers

There are some sockets with a ready-made shutter to keep kids from sticking objects in it, but if your built-in sockets at home don’t have an attached shutter, you can buy socket covers and manually place them. Just make sure that you keep an eye on these sockets from time to time, a baby may learn how to pull them off, so be watchful. With the wires lying dangerously on open spaces, make sure that you securely tie them up in a neat bundle to prevent kids from biting, chewing, and tripping over it. You can also hide the bundled wires in spaces that are hard to reach. In this way, babies will not even think about reaching them, especially when they deal with real toys.

No amount of prevention will do if a parent is irresponsible. In the end, it is always on how a baby was watched and taken care of when we are looking for things to blame in an accident. Of course, these preventive measures certainly help a lot of parents out there, but if these parents do not become mindful about their kid’s actions, anything can happen. There are still a lot of cases about child accidents, even if preventive ways were made. It is a sad fact because some parents put their whole trust and confidence on these measures by solely depending on it. Although it is not wrong to depend on such protections, despite such defenses in the house, accidents still occur. It is best that parents should never let their guards down, even in the presence of a safety gate, a padlock, or a socket shutter. Babies will never get tired of scaring us; they will always find a way to get themselves into trouble, so parents must brace themselves.

When it comes to parenting, nothing should be more important than our children’s safety. The only regret will consume us if we don’t take matters seriously. If your house is still a dangerous zone for little babies, arm the place with safety measures and protection. If you are already convinced that you installed all the preventive measures like what a good parent should do, you should still keep an eye on your baby. Babies are bound to explore the whole house, so don’t make it a disastrous and traumatizing experience for them. Keep the exploring process safe and fun for the baby instead!

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