Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller Review

The Brand New Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller features a best lightweight and compact design, ideal for traveling and storing. Here in this unique BABY TREND ROCKET LIGHTWEIGHT STROLLER REVIEW, you will learn more about this stroller.

The Princeton buggy is a relatively cheap and quick solution to your need, for the parents who are in need of a stroller and prefer not to pay too much for it. The buggy is currently selling for $50 on Amazon – quite a bargain compared to others.

The Baby Trend Rocket only weighs about 14 pounds in total, but its robust design enables you to push babies of up to 50 pounds. The stroller features a standard 5 point safety harness, to ensure your baby’s safety. It, however, does not include a reclining seat – meaning that your baby will only be able to sit in one, upright, position.

The compact design is ideal for storing in small spaces around the house, saving you room and valuable space, as well as being easy to load when traveling. The Baby Trend Rocket stroller features two cup holders – ideal for the morning coffee, as well as drinks during the day – giving you better control of the stroller.

The stroller has been met with plenty of good reviews, most people giving it 4-5 stars out of 5 – although there are still a few drawbacks.

Product Features

  • The Baby Trend Rocket features a swiveling pair of front wheels, which give the buggy easy movement to move past quickly. The swivel wheels enable the pusher to maneuver easily past crowds in tight corners.
  • The wheels can also be locked in for better stability of different terrains.The Baby Trend Rocket weighs just over 13 pounds, making it easy to carry.
  • It can be used for babies over 50 pounds (right about six months)
  • Its compact build allows it to be easily stored in car trunks when going on holiday
  • The handle is placed at a perfect positon for the pusher5 point safety harness ensures child safety
  • JPMA certified
  • Front and back wheels can brake, to stop the stroller when it is moving too fast
Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller


Individual Assessments:

  • The Baby Trend Rocket has a large basket underneath the baby seat which is large enough to hold all necessities for your baby, including clothes, food, toys, etc. The stroller also has a zipper pocket and two cup holders – features that I have not seen in other, more expensive, strollers. The pockets are perfect for storing valuables such as your phone, keys, or even wallets.
  • The seat is adjustable; it looks soft and comfortable for the baby. The canopy is can also be altered and even detached, for one of those summer days.
  • It is, however, not possible to remove the seat as it is not compatible with a car seat. Most parents prefer this feature as it saves cost, as well as space because they would not have to buy an extra seat for the car.

Pros and Cons


  • The buggy is one of the best lightweight strollers and compact, making it easy to store
  • The stroller is able to recline more than 5 inches, putting it in front of most of its competitors.
  • The Baby Trend Rocket can take a maximum weight of 50 pounds. Pretty large, considering its price
  • The buggy features and removable front tray table, in order to clean it when the baby makes a mess
  • Its basket at the base is large and deep, ideal for storing large bags and other necessities.
  • The Baby Trend Rocket is easy to assemble, the process with note take longer than 10 minutes and doesn’t require extensive research
  • The whole frame is east to fold up as up fold as well


  • The canopy doesn’t provide sufficient protection from the sun as it leaves the baby exposed in some areas. It is, however, possible to purchase shades that can attach to the stroller, giving your child that extra protection.
  • It takes two hands to fold up, although can be done quicker after a few attempts
  • The build quality is not the best, although it is to be expected, considering its price. But, most stores offer a guarantee.

Baby Trend Rocket stroller

Super lightweight and fold very compactly for travel and storage


The Baby Trend Rocket stroller is a cheap and best lightweight baby stroller alternative to most other stroller and offers a few features that it is more expensive counterparts don’t. Its two cup holders and large storage space below the seat are both very attractive features of the buggy. Its compactness and lightweight frame enable easy transportation and storage.

However, the stroller does have a sort of cheap feel to it, and its feels as though it wasn’t built with much finesse. The seat isn’t fully reclining, although it can be detached.

All in all, the Baby Trend Rocket Stroller is an excellent buggy and ideal for most parents. It’s cheap, and compact design put it ahead of most of its competitors. I recommend this to parents!

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