How To Set Up A Good Nursery For Your Baby

Setting up your baby’s nursery is not a piece of cake. You need to have some knowledge and more skills in designing to come up with an excellent, comfortable, yet baby-friendly nursery. The rising trend of nursery rooms for babies all over the world has given prominence to interior designers and homeware businesses. They are the most in-demand professionals when it comes to setting up nursery rooms.

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According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary,  a nursery room is where the children slept, played and taught. Therefore, it plays an important role in the growth of the child. It has primary essentials like a crib, a night-light, a mom area, several masterpieces, baskets, fan, bouncer seats,  and boxes. These are only some of the essentials that can be found in a nursery. Some other nursery rooms have different essentials. Click here to view other nursery room essentials.

A long time ago, the simple and plain baby room have evolved into a room full of different kinds of stuff, decorations and furniture pieces based on a certain theme and personal preferences. The modern type of nursery rooms is now more than the cot and the pillow set up because as parents, you only want what is best for your baby. Setting up your baby’s nursery room is among the important tasks of parents. Well, it should not be difficult because you can always hire someone to do the setting up for you while you supervise if you got ample budget. However, if you want to get involved, you can always do the selection while getting professional advice from the experts.

Below are some of the tips to consider in setting up a nursery.

Be Mindful of the Colors

Colors play an important role in conveying the aura of a room. Many of us think that colors are for aesthetic purposes only, the truth is, it is more than that.The colors that are used especially in designing a nursery room have different meanings. The colors were chosen for a nursery room also affects the child’s behavior. The meaning and effect that nursery room colors give to children are also known as the color psychology.

For instance, warm colors like orange, yellow, red and pink incite energy and being active. Baby’s nursery room with any of these colors are expected to have a sunny disposition and are energetic. These warm colors should be pair with colors like gray and blue that will serve as neutralizers. On the other hand, blue, green, purple, white, gray, black, and brown are called cold colors. These colors can be paired with other contrasting colors to serve as accents in the room like the warm colors.

In setting up the nursery, make sure to consider the effect you want your child to get, therefore, choose appropriate and stimulating color combinations. Nurturing and calm colors are still two of the best choices to use in decorating and designing a nursery room.

The Location

A nursery should be closer to where the parents’ room is for practicality purposes.  You would not be able to watch over your child properly if it is located on the third floor of the house while you are on the ground floor. It would cost you too much time and effort in getting to and fro your room and your baby’s. Look for a place where it is quiet and that is near to your room to ensure the safety of the child too.


The baby spends his quiet times in the nursery and even learn a few things in there, so make sure that it is properly ventilated enough for the baby to be able to sleep and play. An overly cold room would not be good to the baby thus, securing a proper heating equipment to keep the baby warm during cold weathers. Secure blinds or perhaps dim-colored curtains to induce the baby to sleep and block the light from the rays of the sun.


The style of the nursery should not be far from the design of the house. When you have a contemporary type of house, then the baby’s nursery should be in contemporary style too in order not to create a battle of colors and themes. Unlike colors, it would be too awkward if you are going to play contrast when it comes to the baby’s nursery room styles and designs. Keep it cool.

Less is More

Keep the baby’s nursery room simple. That is a classic rule in whatever people do. Though you wanted to give everything to your child, you should also consider that simple yet beautiful designs are still better than complicated and bulky ones. Simplicity is still beauty even when it is about setting up a baby’s nursery room. Make sure the room is child-friendly and mommy-friendly too.


Prioritize the safety of your baby. Make sure the furniture pieces, the crib, pillows and any other kinds of stuff to be placed in the room are safe. They should also be placed in locations in which they are not prone to fall or drop that may hurt the baby. The baby cannot defend itself yet . Therefore, parents shall defend them by taking into priority their safety. Safety is not only about the baby’s furniture pieces and other things, but it can also lessen the risk of Sudden Baby Death Syndrome (SBDS). The baby should be placed on his back when sleeping to avoid SBDS. Avoid using a positioning device in doing such, however, make sure the pillows are clean and the mattress is secure.


Do not overdo the decoration. In choosing furniture pieces, choose the important first then followed by other essentials. Sometimes the parents choose the color of the room first . However, it would be better to choose the furniture pieces followed by the color, paints, and other essentials. You will be able to save time, effort, and money when you based some essentials on the existing furniture pieces.

Bassinet and Crib

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These two are among the essentials of a nursery room. In the first few months of the baby in the nursery room, a bassinet would be useful. A bassinet can be carried comfortably from one room to the other room because it is handy and made of light fabric only. A crib is also very important. Cribs must ensure security and protection to the baby. Therefore, they should be simple and user and baby-friendly too.

The Changing Table

This furniture is a must inside a nursery room.  The changing table should be a safe area where you can place the baby while changing its diaper. There could be different types of changing table just bear in mind that it should be strong enough to carry a baby’s weight. It would be better if the top of the changing table is concave in shape to facilitate easy removal of diapers. Secure the changing table in one area of the room. If the changing table has wheels make sure to lock it to prevent it from moving. Plastic containers should not be allowed inside a nursery room, use a toy instead of a container to be held by the child while changing the diaper.

No To Overspending

Remember, the baby will grow faster than you can imagine and he needs far expensive things in the future than now. Just make sure you are not jeopardizing the quality of your nursery for the sake of its price.

Are you still finding it hard to set up your baby’s diary? Stop the worry and follow the tips above.

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