Teething Symptoms And What You Should Do About Them

Teething is known to be one of the most important stages of development for the baby. This happens when their baby teeth start to grow on different parts of their gums. This is known to be a natural process in life but is an extremely painful happening for the baby as the tooth erupts slowly. These are the times where your child won’t like to eat that much, sleep, and will just cry because of the seething pain that they experience.


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Gladly, there are some healthy tips that you can consider if you ever want to learn how to take the best care of your baby during this painful happening. You will be able to learn what are the signs of teething, as well as some techniques on how to ease the pain so then baby will feel a little more comfortable.

Symptoms of teething

The first thing that you need to learn are the different symptoms of baby starting to grow a set of teeth. Remember that this starts around six months old, and they will be able to experience the following symptoms:


It’s one of the most obvious signs of teething. The pain itself and the eruption of the teeth tend to squeeze out drool. This is the first thing that you will notice around six months old – where the baby will drool more often than before. This will always be followed by the other symptoms that will come out once the baby starts to undergo the teething phase.


There will be a sudden burst of fever on some days whenever teeth start to erupt. This will cause the baby to be in so much pain, and at the same time experience sickness that can cause them to lose appetite even. This is what makes teething alarming which is why you have to learn proper care late on.

Difficulty Sleeping

Due to the pain that the child will experience, they will definitely have a hard time sleeping for longer hours. This will make naptimes into emergency situations where the baby will cry, and you will just have a hard time putting them back to sleep due to their teething problem.


The child will feel irritated or an itchy sensation on the gum parts. This is a sign that the pain will be gone, and will be replaced by an irritated feeling, and this can also annoy the baby as they experience this phase after the extreme pain.

Touching the Face and Ears Often

Due to the irritating feeling of the child, it affects all parts of their face as well. It will make them hold on tight to different things, and even their faces and ears just to ease the pain. This often happens when the baby feels irritated, or whenever they experience the sudden pain.

Biting, Chewing, and Sucking Things

An irritating or itching feeling on the skin can make you feel like scratching it. In the case of teething, the baby will tend to bite, chew and even suck any type of thing that they might see. Their softer toys are the best solutions for treating teething pain simply because it helps them ease the pain with a softer material that can press the tooth as it erupts.

Swollen Gums

On parts of the gums, you will notice swollen parts. This is what causes the pain as the teeth emerge on the gums. Other than that, you will also notice a white color on the gums – it’s the teeth that are starting to come out. These are what people tend to see often whenever the baby starts to grow their teeth.

Don’t be scared about the different symptoms that you will see on your child once they undergo teething. It’s a natural process that involves human evolution as they grow up. All you have to do is to learn how to take care of your baby as they will be perfectly safe along this procedure. As a parent, what we want for our children is the utmost care and comfort that they can experience, and that’s why we will teach you the different techniques that you need to apply when taking care of a teething baby.

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How to Manage Teething

The following tips have also been approved and tested by pediatricians and dentists around the world, and will definitely provide your baby a better mood during the teething procedure:

Massage the Gums

The first thing that you need to do is to clean up your finger as you will place it on your baby’s gums. Do counter-pressure presses on the sore gums. It effectively eases the pain whenever the baby starts to cry a lot due to it. This is a classic remedy for teething.


As said, the baby will tend to gnaw on things, and even suck it whenever the teething starts. They will find breastfeeding very relaxing as it will make the mom’s nipples into their temporary toys which are why baby nipples are being made for baby to suck on when teething. However, for moms out there, if you practice breastfeeding, then it’s better since you will be able to provide the benefits of your own milk.

Teething Toys

There are different types of teething toys that the baby can use during the process. These are usually made up of the best materials needed in order to provide the best quality in terms of durability and cleanliness when being chewed. These toys can also come in different forms such as a plush toy, or toys made out of silicone in order to provide a jelly-like softness and endless gnawing for baby to enjoy.

Some are even made up of rubber and latex, and are formed as different animals, and some are even found in the form of fruits. It’s also proven to be non-toxic since food paint is the number one ingredient for the toy’s colors. There are also some teethers that can be chilled. It’s because cold things ease the pain of teething as well, and the help of this product is much better for its task.

Cold Spoons and Cloths

All you have to do is to place the clean cloths on a chiller/freezer and wait for it to get cold. Babies will tend to gnaw on different things once they undergo teething, and the help of very soft materials such as cloths are perfect for their new hobby, plus it eases the pain since it’s soft and cold. It’s like massaging their gums already.

The help of the spoon is also perfect because the colder temperatures that it has are known to help ease the pain greatly. However, you don’t want your baby to gnaw on something hard; all you need to do is to apply the spoon on the swollen part. It’s better to place this on the chiller rather than the freezer as the spoon can stick.

Teething Pain Reliever

There are different kinds of OTC pain relievers that you can purchase in pharmacies so then you can treat your child whenever they experience teething. However, you need to make sure that you get the prescription of a pediatrician before you proceed in purchasing this product.

Natural Alternatives

There are some teething products that are known to be capable of easing the pain, but there are some ingredients that are dangerous. There are several teething products that were banned by the FDA already due to the danger that some ingredients possesses. Some natural products are safer to use since it contains eugenol, which is a powerful and natural ingredients from the clove plant. It’s great for its antibacterial properties, and the fact that it can provide anesthesia benefits in order to ease teething.

  • Teething Gel- Teething gels are guaranteed to be remedies for teething pain. It can be placed in a fridge so then it can provide a cold sensation, plus it’s made out of natural products and flavors as well. There are active ingredients in the gel which help provide ease for the baby, along with some others that are beneficial for teething as well. It can also cure sleeplessness and swollen gums.
  • Sippy Cups- The sippy cups are also good products that provide your child a good way to get trained when holding a cup. The place where the mouth is inserted is actually made of safe materials for those who are teething, and it will help baby enjoy munching and sucking on the sippy cups as they practice drinking on it.
  • Cold Foods- If you want to give your baby a nice treat while they’re teething, be sure to offer them cold foods. There are different fruits and baby foods that you can mash and place in a fridge, then place it In a bowl if you want to feed it to your child. Babies will love the flavor of the food during mealtime, and it will make them realize that the pain is being treated since the food is also cold. The perfect fruits that you can choose are bananas and apples.

These are guaranteed to be the best ways for you to get your child treated whenever they’re experiencing teething. These, along with the symptoms mentioned, are meant to help all moms out there who wants to make their babies feel relieved so then they won’t experience a lot of pain throughout this natural process in a baby’s life.

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